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βœ… 25 ADHD symptoms (official & unofficial)  with visual examples and memory logs for you to fill

πŸ“Š 2 Result pages with graphs to help you visualize your profile

πŸ’‘ 4 pages of tips and advice

πŸ“ƒ Your 
diagnosis plan template

Hi 😊 !

My Name is Alice, 

I was diagnosed at 29 and it changed my life !

I finally understood why I struggled with so many things 😦 !

Just like you, one day I started to wonder if I had ADHD

I remember that it was a very confusing moment πŸ˜”

I felt alone and guilty of even allowing myself to explore the idea of having ADHD  !

That's  why I made this workbook ☺️ !

Because I've been there, I want to help you get rid of your imposter syndrome and allow yourself to start your diagnosis journey.

Understanding ADHD and how it affects me changed my life. You deserve to get answers too πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•βœ¨


  • πŸ‘€ Visualize and assess yourself with 25 ADHD symptoms and understand how they could affect your life

  • πŸ€— Organize your thoughts to feel prepared for your official diagnosis

  • πŸ’ͺ Fight shame and guilt!

This workbook can help you :

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"This resource is amazing for women (and professionals!) who are considering or preparing for a diagnostic assessment. 

Alice walks us through both core and associated symptoms of ADHD in women in a uniquely compassionate, authentic voice, and her examples and advice are spot-on. I especially love how her approach is BS-free and based on  scientific and clinical evidence.

Just get it, ok? And if it makes sense, follow that up with a call to your local psychologist or psychiatrist and we’ll figure this out together."

Review from Julia Strait, 

Licensed Psychologist:

  • "Is the workbook interesting if I'm already diagnosed with ADHD ?"

 The workbook is designed for those who are wondering if they have ADHD. But it can help you learn how your ADHD traits impact your life even if you already have an official diagnosis !

  • "Is the workbook suitable for kids ?"

 The workbook is designed for adults but some people have used it with their child to start talking about ADHD. The illustrated traits can be useful to explore how ADHD can manifest itself in daily lives. 

"Is the workbook a diagnosis tool ?"

No ! THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL DIAGNOSIS TOOL. Only a health professional can diagnose ADHD. I am not a professional 🚫

This workbook is made to help you understand ADHD and how the symptoms of ADHD could affect your life. Ideally, this tool should be used when you are waiting for an official diagnosis.

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Download your workbook now



Download your workbook now